Sunday, October 17, 2010

"Its Pumpkin Time"

Ah, Fall... I love this time of year!  Mainly because this is the time when I see a lot of creativity. I enjoy seeing how people tend to come up with the most clever ideas. Whether it be decorating their homes, or making special holiday dishes they grew up with. And for the month of October, this usually means, "Its pumpkin time!" 

I for one, remember growing up in a household where my mother made the most delicious pumpkin pie.   Of course, the crust was always homemade. She would never have dreamed it any other way. But what sticks in my mind, besides me licking my plate was the special detail my mother took to create the perfect pumpkin pie for our family. My mother would make the pie crust so decorative with beautiful little handmade designs, it made you not want to eat it. Mostly, because you didn't want to ruin the beautiful pie, but you knew you were going to anyway because it smelled absolutely divine. Also, my mother would quickly whip up some cream topping for us, as well. And as always with a big smile, my mother would ask us if we wanted another piece. Of course, everyone quickly ate their last bite to come running back into the kitchen for another slice of pumpkin pie. That is how I remember my pumpkin time.

It's funny how the smell of pumpkin brings me back to that time. The things we notice and take for granted as kids become the memories we cherish as we grow older. Maybe, you can create some wonderful memories for your family. 

There are some wonderful variations on the traditional pumpkin pie recipe on the food network channel.  For example here is a fabulous one: 
 Pumpkin Banana Mousse Tart.

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